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The co-founders, Mr. Brahm Dutt and Mr. Dinesh Kumar had a vision to bring quality homes within the reach of common man, the manifestation of which, is PYRAMID INFRATECH.

The idea originated when these young professionals saw that hard-working common man is not able to build a house of his own because of the unprecedented price hike in real estate. They decided to provide quality accommodation to everyone at sensible price range, and in the year 2008, established PYRAMID INFRATECH Pvt. Ltd. formally.

Based out of Gurugram, PYRAMID INFRATECH stands for delivering high quality affordable residential space. At PYRAMID INFRATECH, our motto is “Quality, Timely Delivery and Excellence”, which we follow in word and action. This has also been recognised by the government, winning us major urban housing projects under Pradhan Manti Awas Yojna.


With projects in hand worth a thousand crores (approx. 1.55 billion dollars), PYRAMID INFRATECH is a successful and sustainable real estate company, and with our upcoming projects, we are looking forward to expand in future, making high quality affordable housing available in other cities as well.

Each of our residential unit is built on the foundation of good quality raw material and fair financial practices; early RERA registration have made our honesty and transparency more evident.

About Us

PYRAMID is known to be the most strong and stable shape in geometry, which has been recognised uniformly by one and all, be it the ancient civilizations of Egypt or the engineers of this ultra-modern world. Our company stands for the same strength and stability that we offer to our clients through our buildings.

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